• Facebook Launches Reactions Globally
    [February 26, 2016] Facebook has launched Reactions which is an extension of the Like button and gives more ways to share the reaction. Facebook stated, “Every day, people come to Facebook to discover what’s happening in their world and around the world, and to share all kinds of things, whether that’s updates that are happy, sad, funny or […]
  • How to Improve Your Social Media Ad Performance
    [January 27, 2016] There’s no denying that social ad spending is on the rise. In fact, according to eMarketer, 2016 is expected to generate $13.43 billion in social ad dollars, with social networks set to account for 20 percent of U.S. digital ad spending. Social giants like Facebook and Twitter are going head to head for a piece […]
  • Google Tries to Rise from The Dead
    [November 23, 2015] This week we see a few recent updates from Snapchat, showing us the brand is getting serious about monetization. We also see some great (and not so great) examples of the early brands starting to utilize Facebook’s 360 degree video ads, and last but certainly not least – Google+ announces a rise from the dead […]
  • 10 Indispensible People Skills SEOs and Clients Must Practice Daily for Successful Web Marketing
    [October 22, 2015] Those of us setting out to learn something new about web marketing are often looking for how-to information on SEO research, social media implementation, the latest algorithm changes, and what the most successful web marketers are doing today that they weren’t doing yesterday. To be sure, that information is important, but there is more to […]
  • SEO Red Flag: “Keywords Are No Longer Relevant”
    [September 23, 2015] Let’s call this the biggest web marketing lie since Google rolled out the Hummingbird algorithm in 2013! Google and other search engines are getting better and better at understanding human language and context clues. In fact, today, it’s entirely possible for a page to rank for a search without ever actually using the keyword. Rare, […]
  • SEO for content marketing: beyond what’s on the page
    [August 26, 2015] Great SEO work is about more than just the content on the pages of your website. Other parts of the marketing universe factor in as well. Here are a few of the areas that matter and that will have an impact on the success of your SEO efforts.
  • People Can Now Use Instagram To Search the Web
    [July 21, 2015] Instagram announced on Monday that people can now search for people, places, and hashtags on the web. Finally.
  • Weekly Infographic: On-Page Search Engine Optimization in 9 Simple Steps!
    [June 11, 2015] There are various on-page SEO factors which are either controlled by you or by the coding on your page. Since on-page is so vital as it affects your website or web page listing in natural search results it should be done carefully, without missing even a single thing.
  • These are the Universal Trends You Should Pay Attention To On Google
    [May 13, 2015] The appearance of Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in search results grew by 118% throughout last year, according to a new study by Searchmetrics. The study also found that video results are blended into 55% of keyword search results ‒ with four in five of the videos coming from YouTube.
  • Bing Adopts Image Search Functionality From Pinterest
    [April 21, 2015] Last week, Bing announced a redesigned image search experience across both desktop and mobile. The changes, it says, will result in more traffic to websites. In fact, it suggested that site will not only get more traffic, but higher quality, targeted traffic.
  • Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update Puts Focus On Potential Customers
    [March 30, 2015] The Ritz-Carlton’s customer service model is a pyramid, where the consumer expectations is at the base, requests in the middle, and delights at the top. Similarly, Google runs its customer service model, according to the #SESMiami keynote from Maile Ohye, developer programs tech lead for Google. It’s because of this pyramid model that Google plans […]
  • Keywords are Still Relevant. Ignore Those Who Say Otherwise
    [March 3, 2015] Recently, a lot of SEOs trying to sound relevant and cutting edge will tell you that keywords no longer matter. They believe that somehow, search engines are able to do a topical analysis of content without reading keywords, or that they are so advanced that you can say everything but the keyword you want to […]
  • Video Posts More Popular On Facebook Than YouTube
    [January 26, 2015] Earlier this month, Facebook revealed that the number of video posts per person has increased 75% globally and 94% in the US. Shortly thereafter, SocialBakers reportedthat brands posted 20,000 more videos to Facebook than to YouTube last month.
  • Search success hinges on site speed
    [December 19, 2014] When it comes to getting your site organically to the top of Google Search, you must care as much about how your web server performs in response to requests, demand, load, and even denial-of-service attacks as you do about responsive design, meta tags, keyword density, social signals, inbound marketing, content marketing, or the perfectly-turned page […]
  • Involving SEOs in the content creation process
    [December 1, 2014] If you plan on creating content for digital marketing purposes, it is imperative you include an SEO in the creation process. Content comes in many forms. In order to be successful you need a multifaceted team of highly skilled individuals working together. It is important to also involve an SEO in the content creation process […]
  • Do You Trust Facebook To Host Your Content?
    [October 28, 2014] How much do you depend on Facebook for traffic? One day, you may depend on it even more, and in ways you didn’t even anticipate. The company is reportedly considering getting publishers to give their content directly to Facebook, where it would be hosted by the social network itself (at least for mobile).
  • 5 Things Every Link Builder Needs in Their Toolbox
    [October 1, 2014] Link building is a unique niche requiring specific traits and tricks to create the optimum outcome. Companies need good link builders to help them gain exposure in their industry and throughout the web. As a link builder, it seems easy to stay sharp on technique and strategy, but sometimes it’s good to assess your position […]
  • Twitter Is Contemplating A Big Change to Its Timeline Feature
    [September 9, 2014] There have been rumors and fears for quite some time that Twitter would one day implement an algorithmic timeline, which would essentially be its equivalent to Facebook’s News Feed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like many users want that.
  • Use These Tips To Find Link Opportunities
    [July 23, 2014] Welcome to another installment of my link building basics series here on Biznology. In this series, we have already covered the early building blocks of a successful link building campaign – conducting a niche analysis and performing a site audit.
  • Learn The Secrets To Successful Search Engine and Internet Marketing
    [June 16, 2014] Before search engines appeared, how did Internet users find information? Where was information located and who had it all? It is hard to imagine what life was like before the Internet became part of our daily lives. Schools are removing classes on writing in cursive and replacing them with how to handle Facebook bullies. Google […]
  • How Marketers Are Using Social Media To Grow Their Business
    [May 23, 2014] Mike Stelzner over at Social Media Examiner has published the 6th Annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report based on a survey of over 2,800 marketers. It’s a pretty robust report at 50 pages and covers the gamut of social media marketing topics from the most important social platforms for marketing to the most important social […]
  • 7 Social Media Marketing Rules You Can Ignore…and Still Succeed
    [April 28, 2014] Whether you’re just getting started with social media, or you’ve been doing it a while, chances are you look to social media experts for guidance in how to behave in the social arena.
  • An Open Discussion On Social Media Monitoring and Ethical Data Mining
    [April 1, 2014] As a marketer, I’m excited when I see advances in social media monitoring technology and the way we can use tools like text analytics, ontology and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to really understand our audience and their behaviours. This level of data mining allows businesses to go way beyond the existing information they have not […]
  • The 29 Best Social Media Tools
    [March 13, 2014] Social media is a revelation. It is immediate, interactive and great fun. Now you can chat with your customers any time, any where and you can ‘get’ to those hard to reach decision makers who have always hidden behind an impenetrable wall of secretaries.
  • “Don’t Guest Blog For Links”, Says Matt Cutts
    [February 17, 2014] Guest blogging and SEO